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Sexuality Behaviour

Sexuality is a normal part of the human experience. However, the types of sexual behaviour that are considered normal vary greatly within and among different cultures. In fact, it may be impossible to define "normal" sexuality. There are wide variations not only in "normal" sexual behaviour but also in the frequency of or need for sexual release. Some people desire sexual activity several times a day, whereas others are satisfied with infrequent activity (for example, a few times a year).

Although younger people are often reluctant to view older people as sexually interested, most older people remain interested in sex and report quite satisfying sex lives well into old age. Problems with sexual function, such as erectile dysfunction in men and dyspareunia, vaginismus, or anorgasmia in women, affect people of all ages, although such problems tend to be more common in older people. Societal attitudes about sexuality change with time. Examples of such changes can be seen regarding masturbation, homosexuality, and frequent sexual activity with different sex partners.

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