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Somatoform Conditions

Somatoform disorders encompass several mental health disorders in which people report physical symptoms or concerns that suggest but are not explained by a physical disorder or report a perceived defect in appearance. These symptoms or concerns cause significant distress or interfere with daily functioning.

Somatoform disorder is a relatively new term for what many people used to refer to as psychosomatic disorder. In somatoform disorders, the physical symptoms cannot be explained by any underlying physical disease. In some cases of somatoform disorders, a physical disease is present that might explain the occurrence but not the severity or duration of the physical symptoms. People with somatoform disorders are not faking illness; they sincerely believe that they have a serious physical problem.

The most commonly diagnosed somatoform disorders are somatization disorder, conversion disorder, hypochondriasis, body dysmorphic disorder, and pain disorder. The individual people who are diagnosed with a somatoform disorder vary greatly. Treatment approaches also vary according to which somatoform disorder a person has.

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