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Dr. Ali Akbar Gabhrani

DR. ALI AKBAR GABHRANI, a professional working in the noble social cause of helping the poor and the needy mentally handicapped patients and their families, is a medical graduade (Hons) from Shri Venkateshwara University, Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh. A gentleman and an officer, he is well known for the fine art of receiving patients at their homes and bringing them into treatment settings. Most of these patients are violent or extremely difficult to handle, but Dr. Gabhrani seems to have no difficulty in bringing them under control with his silky smooth talk, which has also given him the nickname “Dr. Gabs” and a beatific smile. He manages Dr. Matcheswalla`s Counselling Centre, Happy Minds and Masina Institute of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences and 'Happy Minds', which specializes in corporate clients. He did his Diploma in Counselling and Health Psychology from St. Xaviers Institute of Counselling Psychology. He runs a charitable ambulance service for the not-so-affording on a no-profit-no-loss basis. He is an active member of the managing committee of the Humanity Health Organisation and involves himself in relief work at the grassroots level, especially at times of disaster – natural or man-made. He routinely gives orations, talks and lectures in educational institutions and law enforcement agencies (Police Officers). He also conducts workshops and seminars on “Stress Management”. He can be contacted on 98211 19603 or 2309 4256