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If you’re looking for the most technically advanced and state-of-the-art of mental healthcare unit in the country, look no further.

  • Emergency

    India’s first and only 24-hour psychiatric ambulance ensures we’re always close at hand whenever there’s an emergency.

  • Infrastucture

    We believe in complementing the brightest of psychiatric minds by having the country’s best psychiatric setup at their disposal.

  • EEG Laboratory

    Staffed by a senior Neurologist and a very experienced technician, the E.E.G Lab is functional 24 hours.

  • RTMS

    We endeavour to give our patients nothing but the best treatment, and the rTMS machine at Masina Hospital is a symbol of that promise and dedication.

  • Training Programs

    Great practice includes passing on the baton to the next generation of doctors, counselors and experts. And here, we’re building for tomorrow.

  • Masina Hospital

    Acute Treatment.

Dr. Matcheswalla's team of experts is available to you whenever you need
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