Dr. Matcheswallas Mental Health Care




He is Honorary Professor of Psychiatry at Grant Medical College, Sir J.J. Group of Hospitals and Honorary Psychiatrist at Sir J.J Hospital, Sir J.J. Road, Byculla, Masina Hospital behind the famous “Our Lady of Glory” Church at Byculla, Central Railway Hospital, Byculla, G. T. Hospital at Dhobi Talao, Police Hospital at Nagpada and Saifee Hospital situated opposite Charni Road station.


He runs a composite Counselling Centre at Clare Road, opposite St. Agnes School, where psychological evaluation and varieties of counselling activities are undertaken. This facility specializes in children’s evaluation and counselling.

He also has a state–of-the art E.E.G laboratory with a 32 channel video EEG facility running 24 hour a day at Masina Hospital.

Just started is the latest in medical technology for psychiatric and neurological disorders – Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS). This technology is also useful in a wide range of disorders, including ophthalmology, orthopaedics and pain management, among many.

The multi-dimensional counselling centre and the Masina Institute of Psychotherapy and Behavioural Sciences was initiated by him a year and a half ago and both are doing sterling work in the field.

Chairman of the “Humanity Health Organisation”, a charitable trust comprising like-minded individuals who render yeomen service, both medical and non-medical whenever and wherever needed, Dr. Matcheswalla is always at the helm of affairs whenever required.

He is also the founder-chairman of “Dilaasa” Self Help Charitable Trust, a support and self-help group for families of people with a mental health or addiction problem.

He has initiated the “24 / 7 Crisis Prevention Helpline” and the “24 / 7 Emergency Ambulance Service”

He was the President of the Bombay Psychiatric Society (2006-2007) and is currently Chairman of the Academy of Medical Specialties of the Indian Medical Association, Mumbai chapter and Chairman of the Forensics Cell of the Indian Psychiatric Society.

Mrs. Safiya Yusuf Matcheswalla is a cream-de-la-cream entrepreneur and a beauty consultant. She owns and operates a sophisticated, top-of-the-line beauty salon – Fresh Faces Beauty Salon at Byculla. She is actively involved in all noble acts of philanthropy along with Dr. Matcheswalla.

Dr. Matcheswalla can be contacted on 98200 81884, 6453 7070 / 6453 7171 / 23747767 / 2371 4889 Extn: 257.











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