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Our Services

Not sure who to ask? Simply get in touch with Dr. Matcheswalla's team for the best guidance on the widest range of mental health issues.

    • Counseling of
      Patients & Families

    • Group Therapy
      & Activity

    • Psychological Evaluation

    • Psychotherapy and Education

    • Day Care For Geriatric
      & Psychiatric Patients

    • Occupational Therapy and Other Therapies & Activities

    • Acute Care and Rehabilitation of Psychiatric patients

    • Detoxification and Rehabilitation of Drug Addicts and Alcoholics

    • Day Care and Follow Up of Psychiatric Patients and Recovering Addicts/Alcoholics

Why Us?

Dr. Matcheswalla’s Mental Healthcare Facilities offer a rare combination that juxtaposes decades of field experience with the best in technology and treatment methods.

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  • Personalised Care

  • State-of-the-art Technology

  • World Class Facilities

  • 24x7 Emergency Support

Help Centre

Think someone you know needs help? Key in the list of symptoms and our doctors will get in touch with you.

At The Heart

Dr. Yusuf Abdullah Matcheswalla has emerged as one of the most prominent names not just in India, but on the global psychiatry scene over the last couple of decades. Known for his astounding successes through some of the toughest cases, he’s admired by peers and patients alike.

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From The Ones That Matter

Beyond all the awards and distinctions, Dr. Matcheswalla has one endorsement that matters more than all the rest - his patients and their families.

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